• featured item: "bovin" wine

    The crown of Macedonian wines

    We're excited to announce that Award-winning "Bovin" Macedonian wines are available at select Binny's locations. Bovin Winery is the first private owned winery in Macedonia. Bovin Winery achieved its highest success at the "Food And Wine" fair of 2000 in Copenhagen (Denmark) where its "Pinot Noir" was proclaimed the absolute winner in competition of more then 650 types of wines from France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, California, Chile, and others. The wine is available at the following stores:

    • Binnys 5100 Dempster St., Skokie
    • Binny’s 767 W. Golf Road, Des Plaines
    • Binny’s 6920 S. Route 83, Willowbrook
    • Binny’s 3000 N. Clark St, Chicago
    • Binny’s 790 St. George, Naperville
    • Binny’s 213 W. Grand Ave, Chicago
    • Binny’s 1720 N. Marcey Street, Chicago
    • Binny’s 2010 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove

    Click here for a full list of locations and a store map.


  • featured item: "Smetoniska" kvas

    A perfect summer drink made from rye bread

    "Kvas" (or 'gira' in Lithuanian), also sometimes called a bread drink in English, is a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread. Usually it is classified as a non-alcoholic beverage, although it does have a very low alcohol content--a product of natural fermentation.

    "Smetoniska" kvas is made with respect to good quality and traditions of Lithuanian cuisine by Ragutis, a brewery in Kaunas, Lithuania. The brewery was opened in 1853.

    The color of the bread used contributes to the color of the resulting drink. This kvas pours a clear ruby-brown topped by a short-lived wisp of light tan foam. The nose comes off as the usual grainy pumpernickel deal, with a slight bit of gingerbread in there as well. A bit of what seems like nutmeg works its way in, too. Naturally fermented kvas "Smetoniška" is a traditional kvas for the whole family. Enjoy it and be healthy!

  • Featured item: Ingman Ice Cream

    Created in Finland, Made in Lithuania

    Favorite ice cream flavor is a deeply personal preference. Chocolate or vanilla, strawberries or peach… every ice cream lover is sure to stand by his or her choice. “Ingman Ledai”, a leading producer of ice cream in the Baltic States, is working hard to please every palate and to present customers with unique and natural creations.

     In summer 2008 “Ingman ledai” celebrated its fifteenth anniversary and has been showing steady growth for all these years. The Company is a part of Finnish Ingman Ice Cream Group. The Group has four ice cream production plants in different European countries.

     “Food Depot International” is pleased to announce that "Ingman" ice cream is available in select stores across the United States. Whether you are going to stick with your favorite flavor or dare to try something new, you will not be disappointed with anything that bears "Ingman" logo.

  • Featured item: Lithuanian "Bociu" bread

    Fiber rich European classics by "Vilniaus duona"

    "Bociu" bread, created in the largest and oldest Lithuanian bakery "Vilniaus duona", is based on a classic recipe.

    In the old days such kind of bread was baked and consumed only for holidays and special occasions. Now you can enjoy the real European classics daily as “Food Depot International” brings this delicious and healthy dark rye to the United States.

    “Bociu” bread is higher in fiber than many common types of bread. Getting enough fiber in the diet can lower the risk of developing certain conditions. "Bociu" bread also has distinctive, strong palate-pleasing flavor compared to lighter breads.