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Find us at Mariano’s and Binny’s!

Here at Food Depot International we always strive to work with the best. And what can be better than a local grocer who serves freshest high-quality foods from everywhere in the world and a largest independent alcoholic beverage retailer in the Midwest?

Marianos Chicago Food Depot International

Unique Lithuanian Treecakes Available at Food Depot International

The Treecake is one of the time-honored Lithuanian pastries enjoying deep-rooted traditions. The Treecake is a good choice for decoration of a festive table.

The baking process of the Treecake requires great experience and superior skills. Therefore, this work is undertaken exclusively by experienced bakers who us a special baking oven for this purpose.

Food Depot International carries a variety of Treecakes under Baked Items.

Interview With Our President

The largest Lithuanian daily "Lietuvos Rytas" recently published an interview with our President Angela Kavak (the article is in Lithuanian).